Food Safety Policy

At A. Lateef Khalid Al Aujan Warehousing & Logistics W.L.L,

• We eliminate or minimize all possible contaminations physical, chemical and microbiological at earliest possible stage.

• We ensure that the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements pertaining to food safety are compiled with.

• We maintain high standards of hygiene in all operations related to storage, logistics & machines used, and food-handlers involved.

• We create awareness & competency among all employees who handles food.

• We strictly adhere to the requirements of International Standard ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System and are committed to continual improvement.

This FSMS policy is aligned with the determined Food Safety Management system context of the organization and supports our strategic directions considering also the food safety related risks and opportunities associated with our activities, product and services.

Management will ensure the communication of this policy to the concerned personnel and provide the appropriate resources, including human and financial ones, for the implementation and maintenance of this policy.

This policy will be available to all interested parties, customers and employees upon the special request from the relevant persons. Measurable Food Safety objectives are established in accordance with company, ISO 22000:2018 and customer food safety requirements.

Food Safety Policy is reviewed during Management Reviews to ensure that it continues to meet the customer, ISO 22000:2018 and company food requirements.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

Management system as per Codex Alimentarius Commission

EA: F1, G2
Receiving, Storage and distribution of ambient, chilled & frozen food products

ISO 22000 : 2018


F: Distribution
FI: Retail / Wholesale
G: Provision of Transport and Storage
GII: Provision of Transport and Storage Services for Ambient Stable Food and Feed

Receiving, Storage and Distribution of ambient, chilled and frozen food products